I believe that each of us represents an individual volume of beautiful and moving prose. Our lives and the associated experiences and lessons in living are of great value. Both to ourselves and to those we love and care for. In the telling of a story, I simply hope to share those experiences and lessons. I also hope to cause you -the reader- to take pause, if only for a moment, to consider and appreciate the living journey. Events great and small, that meant heartbreak, despair, love and laughter. For one day, in the blink of an eye, or in the vision of a breathtaking sunset, the fortunate among us realize that the story of our lives is all that remains. In that moment we understand with satisfaction, that which is simply enough.


we must choose-
to escape the dark shadow of misery.
Only then, might we know,
how wonderful-life can be . . .

"When you let of the past
and the past lets go of you,
there is a dawning in that moment,
and the light that shines a path forward."

However tenuous the pursuits of the heart,
there is something wonderful about love.
And we, in our own ways,
will always remember.